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This may simply be the replacement of stained or worn fillings or could involve a complete smile-makeover.

TOOTH-COLOURED FILLINGS: These are now so good and so durable that it is difficult even for dentists to detect. Price range- £125 to £200 per tooth.

COMPOSITE VENEERS: The same materials as tooth-coloured fillings but they cover the whole of the visible surface of a tooth. They can improve the shape and contours, mask discolouration and often require minimal or no preparation (removal of good enamel). Price range- £200 to £300 per tooth.

PORCELAIN VENEERS: Like composite veneers but DO require alteration of the enamel (drilling) but not as much as for a crown. They are permanent, but like crowns, on rare occasions they can de-bond. The appearance is so good that they can be difficult to distinguish from their natural counterparts. Price range- £500 to £750 per tooth.

CROWNS & BRIDGES. Complete coverings to mimic natural teeth and restore lost appearance and function. Bridges also replace missing teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. There are many reasons for  a crown or a bridge to be required and they may be made entirely from ceramic material (porcelain), a strengthened composite (filling) material or ceramic on top of a gold alloy covering or coping. The material is prescribed depending on each individual circumstance.

Price range- Crowns £500 to £1000. Bridges £600 to £1000 per tooth.

IMPLANTS: Please see the section on General Dentistry.

TOOTH BLEACHING AND WHITENING: Whitening is strictly stain removal by cleaning by the Hygienist and use of a toothpaste that will reduce stains.

Bleaching is the application of Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide GEL in a restricted concentration and in a custom-made tray. Never attempt to use Hydrogen peroxide solution! It is caustic. The gel is applied initially in the surgery and then at home as instructed by your dentist until the desired shade is reached, then stop. The gels work by releasing a controlled amount of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen and water which neutralises stains WITHIN the teeth.

Price range- £200 per arch or £360 for upper and lower.

TOOTH-STRAIGHTENING: Please see the section on ‘Straight Teeth.’

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