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This may simply be the replacement of stained or worn fillings or could involve a complete smile-makeover.

TOOTH-COLOURED FILLINGS: These are now so good and so durable that they are even difficult for dentists to detect.  BONDING of these materials  can re-shape  and change the levels of the teeth conservatively to create a more attractive appearance.

COMPOSITE VENEERS: The same materials as tooth-coloured fillings but they cover the whole of the visible surface of a tooth. They improve shape and contours of your teeth, mask discolouration and often require minimal or no preparation (removal of good enamel).

I often use temporary composite veneers to show possible improvements in appearance.  When used in this way they are completely reversible.  This technique only attracts a fee for surgery time and is agreed in advance.

PORCELAIN VENEERS: Like composite veneers but DO require alteration of the enamel (drilling) but not as much as for a crown. They are permanent. The appearance is so good that they can be difficult to distinguish from their natural counterparts.

CROWNS & BRIDGES. Complete coverings to mimic natural teeth and restore lost appearance and function. Bridges  replace missing teeth. There are many reasons for a crown or a bridge to be required and they may be made entirely from ceramic material (porcelain), a strengthened composite (filling) material or ceramic on top of a gold alloy covering or coping. The material is prescribed depending on each individual circumstance.

IMPLANTS: I work closely with Dr. Nigel Saynor who is a Mentor on the MSc Implant Course at Manchester University. Dr Saynor has extensive experience in placing implants and associated surgery. I then make the crown, bridges or dentures to be attached to the implant.

TOOTH BLEACHING AND WHITENING: Whitening is strictly stain removal by cleaning by the Hygienist and use of a toothpaste to remove stains.

Bleaching is the application of Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide GEL in a restricted concentration in a custom-made tray. The gel is applied initially in the surgery and then at home as instructed by your dentist until the desired shade is reached, then stop. The gels work by releasing a controlled amount of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen and water which neutralises stains WITHIN the teeth. It should only be used following a detailed assessment by a Dental Professional registered with the General Dental Council (2013 Regulations).

Price range- £360 for both upper and lower.

DISCOLOURED SINGLE TEETH can be treated with internal bleaching.

MATURE DENTITION.  The same cosmetic treatments are used on mature dentition but need to be used with a ‘gentle touch’.  Our skin changes as we mature and using ‘the whiter shades on the tooth guide’ can actually be ageing.  My aim is to produce a natural, youthful appearance.

TOOTH-STRAIGHTENING: Please see the section on ‘Straight Teeth.’ Inman Aligners and Powerprox are suitable from 18 years of age.  I have recently used Inman Aligners to straighten the upper and lower teeth of a 75 year old gentleman.


Case Study 7 Before


Case Study 7 After

“My general advice is that teeth should not be whitened much more than the whites of your eyes. This will produce a beautifully natural, healthy appearance. We’ve all seen celebrities who have over bleached their teeth or had cosmetic veneers that are so white they resemble piano keys and look anything but natural.

Brilliant white teeth can look incongruous; what suits one patient may not suit another, but in the end it comes down to personal taste and the look you wish to achieve.”