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AN EXTENDED EXAMINATION is necessary to enable me to assess your current dental health and discuss future treatment needs.  I carry out a risk assessment for all treatments, including CANCER SCREENING of  roof and floor of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, lips and all other areas.  If there are any areas of concern more frequent examinations or referrals will be recommended.

I also like to hear about your past dental experiences and your future goals.  Listening enables me to formulate your personal treatment plan.

I will also take digital x-ray films so that I can see under any fillings, crowns or bridges.  Sometimes a larger x-ray film will be needed of the whole mouth where more information is required.

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHS (X-rays) This system reduces the amount of any exposure by up to 60% compared to photographic films.

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CBCT SCANNER. This provides amazing 3D images and is used for local areas or the whole mouth, usually in relation to the provision of Implants or to diagnose pathology.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY. For assessment of aesthetics, appearance, diagnosis and before and after pictures.

IMPRESSIONS FOR STUDY MODELS. These can be used to assess the suitability of certain treatments and other conditions.

CBCT X-Ray Machine, rarer than a Ferrari

CBCT X-Ray Machine, rarer than a Ferrari